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About the project

Sandbox Experience

This is a one man project made for fans of the old school turn based strategies.

I spent most of my childhood playing games like Heroes of Might and Magic and Age of Wonders.

This project takes a lot of influence from these games and manages to convert it into a fast paced multiplayer game made for competitive gaming. 

The aim is to create a real sandbox experience with a story driven single player campaign and

a challenging single scenario experience with capable AI.

On the other hand, multiplayer can be played in co-op mode against AI or in versus mode.


Single Player

Campaign and Single Scenarios

The Last Exodus will have multiple campaigns with persistent fleet where your units and tech from previous missions will be available to you in future ones.

As you complete missions your technology will advance and your fleet will grow until you became the unstoppable force in the galaxy.

Single Scenario mode will also include a hot seat mode where you can play with your friends on a single device.



Versus , Ranked , Single Scenario

You will be able to queue for ranked and unranked games or create a lobby game to share and play some custom maps made by the community. 

Game is designed as multiplayer fast-paced turn-based strategy and games should not take more than an hour to finish.


Map Editor

Supporting community

You will be given the same tools that are used to create a single player campaign. 

With these tools you will be able to create new content and share it with the community.

Campaign editor will also be available.

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