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How does the turn based part work?

Every unit has its initiative. The smaller the ship the greater the initiative and speed.  This was done so that in multiplayer games players are taking turns more often, just like in chess, so the downtime for players is minimal. Additionally, it is more tactical this way.

How many players does the game support?

6 players is the maximum number of players. With greater number of players the downtime would make game boring and unplayable in multiplayer mode.

How many factions are there in the game?

For now only 3 factions are planned to be included in base game. There are future plans to implement much more in order to make games more diverse.

How do you plan to monetize your game?

The plan is to make this game available to as many players as possible. The goal is to build a strong community that will help with tweaking the game balance and make the game as fun as possible. So the multiplayer mode will be free to play. In this way many more players can try out the game. On the other hand single player campaigns will be monetized. So if you like the game and you want to support more content you would just need to buy single player content and have fun in return.

Does free to play mean pay to win?

Multiplayer mode will have absolutely no microtransactions, daily deals, money grubbing booster and etc.

The main objective is to make a really balanced competitive multiplayer experience for the lovers of turn based strategies.

When will the game be released and on which platforms?

Currently only PC version is planned. If the game does well then porting on different platforms could be an option.

As for the gaming platforms, for now it is just planned to be released on Steam, GOG and Epic. As for the release date, this is a solo project and just one guy working on his part time dream project. But it is getting close.

Will players on different game platforms be able to play together?

Yes. Game has a dedicated matchmaking server to connect players. So a player on Steam can create a lobby game and another one on GOG will be able to see the game and connect.

Will there be any kind of community content?

All the tools used to make maps and campaigns will be made public, so people will be able to create their own maps with their own rules.  I also plan to make these features as flexible as possible so that we can build a dedicated community of modders.

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