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Basic Concepts

The Last Exodus is a turn-based strategy game. Every player controls the fleet and the heart of that fleet is your mothership.

Mothership is a massive capital ship on which you can build various subsystems which have different functions.

Building subsystems on you capital ship you will be able to research new technologies, gather resources and produce various ships to strengthen your fleet.  



There are 4 different resources in the game: Titanium, Rare Elements, Research points and Battle Points.

Titanium is the main resource in the game and it is gathered from nearby asteroid fields rich in titanium.

It is used for the construction of new subsystems and ships.

Rare Elements is the advanced resource used for the construction of advanced ships and weapon systems.

Research points are used for researching new technologies that will increase efficiency of your fleet and give you more options.

Battle points are points that are used to upgrade your capital ship tactical capabilities. It will allow you to unlock new abilities that can give your fleet the edge over the enemy.


Researching Technology

Technology is a very important aspect of the game. Not only will it increase strength of you ships and weapon systems but also unlock new options for designing a new blueprints of ships that can be deployed into battle.


Designing you fleet

Instead of being limited to a number of ship types in you roster, your fleet can adapt to new circumstances during the battle. So you will

be able to customize your ship blueprints to better counter enemy fleet. Once you research new chassis and weapon systems, plating and engines, you will be able to combine them into a new killing machine.


Lead your fleet to victory

Unleash the power of your fleet. From a tiny fighter squad to enormous capital ship every unit type has it's role in your fleet.

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